Top 5 Zara New Ins

Why is it so cold in August?!?!?!

All this rain and wind is making me want fluffy jumpers, warm socks and hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, not many shops have released their autumn winter stuff yet because were all meant to be holding out for this magical summer which never came.

Zara on the other hand have the right idea, tempting me with knitted things and coats, so here are some of my top picks from their new in page.

  1. Not really starting with a wintery item at all after that, but this leathery city bag £59.99 looks suspiciously like a Givenchy bag so as a high street alternative, and the closest ill ever be getting to the real thing, its got a thumbs up from me!


8051004040_2_4_1 8051004040_2_7_1

2. This grey funnel collar top and skater skirt co-ord, both £25.99 is what I am most excited about. The high neck and sleeves will keep you warm in the colder months and the fluted style mini skirt hits two trends for autumn winter. I love the styling on the Zara website with black ankle boots as this is how I would wear it myself.

6254006809_1_1_1 6254007809_2_5_1 6254007809_6_1_1 6254006809_2_1_1 6254006809_2_2_1

3. These heeled black rain boots £69.99 would work perfectly with the grey two piece although a little highly priced I do feel they would be good for winter because the outer layer is rubber which means they are basically a stylish welly and great for splashing in puddles!


5111001040_2_2_1 5111001040_1_1_1

4. The Jacquard dress £39.99 is bang on the 70s vibe that my winter wardrobe would consist of, if I had enough money to splurge. I love the way it is layered with a high neck, long sleeve top underneath which not only is a very 70s thing to do but also will keep you warm in winter. Paired with a pair of thick woollen tights and some Mary Jane’s and your good to go!


9775242800_2_1_1 9775242800_2_3_1 5. Lastly these lace up heeled shoes £39.99, again very on trend right now and for the foreseeable future, are great for any mini skirts or swing dresses to be worn in the last of the warm sunshine or again worn with thicker tights or socks in winter. Never underestimate socks and sandals.


6248001040_2_5_1 6248001040_2_6_1 Let me know what you think!


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