So I realise that I haven’t told you much about myself yet,

the questions are taken from Inner Workings

Here are 50 facts about me.

  1. Name


  1. Age


  1. City that you live in

I Wish I lived in a city right now but I will be moving to Nottingham in September

  1. What do most people not know about you?

I’m a very sensitive person, I don’t show it on the outside but everyone has feelings.

  1. What do most people know you for?

Being quite loud and quite opinionated.

  1. Hobbies

Erm is eating a hobby? I don’t know really I like to keep up to date with what’s going on in fashion through twitter and Instagram. I’m one of those people who will binge on series after series of a programme once I get into it.

  1. What are your passions?

Too cheesy if I say fashion? I get really excited around fashion weeks and new collaborations.

  1. What do you search for in a significant other?

Someone you feel comfortable with 100%. No point being on edge and not farting around your partner, you’d explode! Also someone who makes me laugh. I genuinely believe that you should be with someone you could get old with, looks fade but someone who makes you laugh and has a great mind will keep you entertained in your 90s

  1. What are you most proud of?

Getting myself through the first two years of university by myself and living independently for 3 years. Sounds like something every Uni student would say but to me its so much more than that.

  1. When was the last time you had a significant conversation with someone you love?

Quite regularly with my boyfriend. Usually just before we go to sleep, when your body is tired but your brain is still working. Those are the best talks.

  1. Have you ever collected anything? What was it?

I have quite a big collection of pigs. Teddies, ornaments, pig themed everything.

  1. List 5 things off of your bucket list.
  • Finish my degree
  • Get a job doing something I enjoy
  • rent or buy a place, somewhere that is mine
  • Travel everywhere and anywhere
  • Be happy
  1. What was the last thing you learned?

Don’t rely on anyone but yourself. No one is going to look after you but you.

  1. How many relationships have you been in?

one serious one.

  1. Things that make me happy

good food, good friends, waking up without an alarm, strangers being nice to me, good makeup days, my dogs, old songs, unplanned outings that turn into great memories.

  1. Things that make me sad/angry

Negative people, people who chew with their mouth open! People who are close minded, people who say they are always there and then flake when needed.

  1. Favourite food

I can’t pick just one. I LOVE food I will eat anything. Roast dinner, pizza, Chinese, Indian, Chippy, fish, Mexican, sushi, noodles, absolutely anything.

  1. Favourite drink

I’m really getting into green tea, but there’s nothing that beats a hot chocolate in winter.

  1. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

My Tiffany key necklace for my 21st

  1. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Can you be both? I used to be very pessimistic but that just adds negativity to your life. I think optimism is a lot harder but something I am working on. I am learning to try to see the silver lining of every situation. Also its easier to be optimistic when surrounded by the right people.

  1. Do you sleep during class?

I’ve only ever fallen asleep once in high school and that was because I felt so ill and run down. I’ve pulled a few all nighters the day before deadline at uni but never fallen asleep. Red bull is the key.

  1. What is the most expensive thing you own?

My Mac definitely.

  1. What is the cheapest yet most useful thing you own?

Erm I dunno hair bobbles?

  1. How many times a day on average do you check your phone?

All the time. Whether its checking the time, twitter or just waiting for someone to actually message me.

  1. Text or call?

Depends on who. Texting works fine for me with most people.

  1. Opinion on long distance?

Its difficult but if your both committed then it can work.

  1. What is your definition of success?

Being happy and chasing whimsies.

  1. Favourite song?

I’m into so many different types of music so I can’t really say.

  1. Favourite artist?

Same as before. Bit of a cop out really.

  1. Celebrity crush/crushes?

Charlie Hunnan, Tom Hardy.

  1. What is the best gift you could receive right now?

Is it bad to say money? Right now I need every penny for my last year of uni.

  1. What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Where to start. Not a great thing to ask a girl. I’d like to be more confident in myself and not be scared of new situations.

  1. How many times have you said “I love you” in the past month?

I don’t know at least once a day.

  1. What do you invest the most time in?

I work a lot at the moment so probably at work which is sad.

  1. Where are you most productive?

Usually at night, I have to be in the mood to do something, which sounds bad but once I get motivated I usually just knock loads of work out.

  1. List 3 things you enjoy doing with friends.

Going out on nights’ out

Garden parties

Generally chilling out

  1. List 3 things you enjoy doing alone.

When I write or draw its very personal to me so I really hate someone peeking or standing over your shoulder watching.

  1. What was your last dream about?

I really don’t remember. I don’t think I’ve had a memorable dream for a while.

  1. How many countries have you visited?

No where near enough. I’ve been to France, Spain, Greece and Lanzarote

  1. Do you consider yourself mature?

I think I have matured a lot in the past few years and compared to most people my age, without sounding like a dick, I’d say yes but I still have the mental age of a 4-year-old when I’m with my friends.

  1. What is your favourite quote?

I’m one of those people that screen shots quotes off Instagram so there’s a lot on my phone. Follow your arrow wherever it points is the first that comes to mind.

  1. What were you like in 2013?

Probs a dick. I cringe when I see old footage of myself

  1. Do you have a job?

I’m a dry cleaner. Remember, it comes out clean but goes in dirty. There’s nothing that surprises me. The general public are disgusting.

  1. How many all-nighters have you pulled before?

Only about 5 but they are getting more common closer to deadline days.

  1. Does money equal happiness?

No. It can make life a lot easier but it wont make you happy

  1. What is your favourite animal?

Pigs! But dogs are cute too.

  1. What is your favourite clothing store?

I’m an ASOS girl at the moment because everything’s in one place. Style wise and if I had money to burn? McQueen through and through, but Lee not Sarah.

  1. What do you fear the most?

Loosing the people closest to me. Getting dementia.

  1. Would you rather forget all of the past or remember everything in vivid detail?

Remember everything.

  1. What are some little things that you do that have changed your life in a positive way?

I wont go into detail on here but as I’ve said the past 3 years have really changed me as a person. Just do whatever makes you happy and trust your gut instinct.

Sorry if it was a little long but now you know more about me! Have you got any interesting facts about yourself?


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