How much is my face worth?

I’m always going on about how expensive it is being a girl compared to a boy.

Boys don’t have periods and don’t have to be ripped off by government who tax sanitary wear, when there is literally no way around the problem! Click here to stop this stupidity.

Boys don’t have to wear bras

Boys don’t have to wear makeup. Think about it. As much as anyone can say you don’t HAVE to wear makeup; how many girls do you know who go completely bare faced? Absolutely none I know of. And definitely not me! I wont even got to a family member’s house without makeup on. Stupid pressures from society.

So I have decided to work out how much my face is actually worth.

Here are the products that I use on a regular basis.

So I have been using the Clarins HydraQuench lotion before I apply anything to ensure my face is hydrated fully, wait for that to dry and then apply the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, which is almost a primer and I use to minimise large pores. Now I haven’t counted these in the total amount as you can see the ones I have been using are just samples (always take free samples) but I do hope to buy theses in the full size when I next get paid as they are brilliant.


  1. Clarins Everlasting foundation SPF15 30ml £27.50, now I know this is a more expensive foundation than I ever thought I would wear but over the past year I have had a revelation about the beauty products I have been using. I used to use Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in the palest colour I could find – porcelain. However, it didn’t give very good coverage at all and was not the right shade but nothing ever has been so I just used to look washed out and ghost like.


After a conversation with one of my friends who insisted that she pays more for her beauty and skin products because the quality is so much better I thought I would give it a go. I went to Selfridges in Birmingham when I was on a day out and sat down with a lovely lady on the Clarins stand who talked to me about my skin type and matched my shade perfectly. I’d always been weary about the women on beauty counters because I thought they would pressure you into buying more than what you came for but she was very genuine and not pushy at all. Turns out I did buy more than what I came for so she was obviously very good at her job! This foundation gives great overall coverage for dry or combination skin types and is very lightweight but still gives great coverage. It is the first foundation that I feel extremely comfortable wearing day or night and and does not look cakey.

  1. Clarins Instant Concealer £21.50, in the palest shade they do. I have never used a better concealer than this. I was amazed when I used it myself for the first time as when I bought it the lady in Selfridges applied my whole face of makeup and I left thinking the same you do when you leave the hairdressers “yea it looks great now, but wait till I have to do it myself”. I was wrong, it is so easy to use and its coverage is amazing! You only need a dot and when you dab it on to you’re under eyes, over spots etc. it will stay all day.
  1. I then set the base with a powder. I am currently using L’Oreal Paris true match powder £7.99, which I haven’t featured a picture because it is nearly empty and I’m scrounging for the last remains. This isn’t the best powder I’ve ever used but its not the worst by far. It does give colour if layered up so be careful how much you use. I aim to buy a translucent powder from somewhere when its completely gone.

    Quick picture of the brushes I use. Top is the Benefit foundation brush. Middle the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow brush. Bottom the Eco Tools powder brush
  1. My next go to feature is eyebrows, my nemesis. Why is it that one will always come out Prada and one Primark? I never filled my eyebrows in before last year. I know I’m awful at being a girl. I have progressed from dodgy pencils and square fronts to what I hope are quite respectable brows with the help of the Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade in soft brown £15 and I also bought the large synthetic duo brush to fill in my brows for a more professional look also £15. Again although they seem expensive the dip brow has lasted me a long time and is no where near empty and the brush was an investment. The dip is a thick paste which once applied will not smudge. Even more pressure to get it right first time then.


  1. Next I go to eyes, I have never been one for eye shadow mainly because of early 90s dressing up and the days of blue eye shadow and red lipstick. But I thought I would experiment with this L’Oreal colour riche palette in nude (there’s a pink version too) while it was reduced from £14.99 to £7.99 in Boots, rather than fork out for a Naked palette that I’m not sure I would use. I have to say it has not disappointed, for the price I think it is a really good high street alternative with a good colour range and I am now a fan of the nude smokey eye for summer. The pigment is good and it is a great starting palette before experimenting with something darker


  1. If in doubt eyeliner will usually make me look more human. I have been wearing eyeliner since the age of 13. The emo phase taught me a lot about kohl eyeliner and liquid and ever since I think I look odd without it. However, a lot of high street eyeliners just don’t make the cut for me. I bought this L’Oreal Superliner liquid eyeliner which is waterproof for £7.99 and if I’m honest it’s a bit shit. For me the brush doesn’t get wet enough so I am constantly dipping it back in to apply more liquid. I don’t know whether I happened to buy a faulty bottle or what. The brush is very flimsy which means that it bends if I apply too much pressure and the liquid will flick onto somewhere I don’t want it to be, I prefer a much harder brush or applicator so that I can be sure the product only goes where I tell it to. The up side to this eyeliner is that it is waterproof and it definitely does what is says on the tin. I have been for a shower with it on and washed my face several times and it has stayed on. It will come off with makeup remover but when it peels off it has the same texture as dry eyelash glue.


  1. Mascaras are another pain for me to buy because again I feel let down by the high street products. The best mascara is the Benefit they’re real in black for me, the prefect combination of thickness, length, and colour. Until recently this was the one I used, however it ran out so I bought a Rimmel London Kate Moss mascara £5.99, purely because the packaging is similar to the benefit one and I hoped no one would tell the difference from afar. The difference in quality? Like putting tar in my eyes. I get the need for a bigger brush when creating volume but the brush on this is insane and too big for my eyes. The mascara is thick and clumps easily and takes ages to dry. If your one who likes to pick away at your mascara late afternoon, then this is heaven because it flakes off so easily too. Really not a great product. Cant wait to get a new one.


  1. Lipstick isn’t something I wear very often anymore but the two I seem to use the most (as you can tell because they are both nubs now) are the Mac lipsticks in Vegas Volt, the orange and Pink Plaid both £15. The Vegas volt is a great alternative to a red lip in summer and it has a gloss finish, something I am not keen on and this does mean it comes off a lot easier, but it also hydrates your lips more than a matte lipstick. The pink plaid is a lovely feminine pink, for just a touch of colour and has a fair staying power over the day




so time to calculate how much my daily face is worth.

£27.50 – foundation

£21.50 – concealer

£7.99 – powder

£15.00 – brows (excluding brush)

£7.99 – eye shadow bought at discount

£7.99 – eyeliner

£5.99 – mascara

£15.00 – lipstick

Total cost = £108.98 for my daily face. WOW just wow.

How much is your face worth?


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