“I Just Bought It Because It Looked Good”

Its been a week since I last posted so sorry about that, I’d like to say I’ve been super busy but I haven’t, procrastination is the best thing.

This post is a bit of a rant about one of my pet peeves.

Let’s talk the slogan and graphic tee.

This has been bought around by a recent sighting of one of those awful “GEEK” t-shirts that Topshop decided to make, and some people still think is a valid option to wear.

How many times have you seen someone wearing one of those? They piss me off.

I thought slogan t-shirts were meant to say something about you. Or at least be funny? That just me?

Its like how many times have you seen someone wearing a band tee and they don’t even like the band? Nirvana being the main offender.

Why wear something on your body that you don’t even like?

I have to say that men’s t-shirts are worse than women’s, the images of naked women for no reason, “living for the weekend” and “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” just make you look a moron.

Sports jerseys are my favourite. I love when a guys wearing an American Football jersey, usually Raiders or something as they are the most popular and the colours are quite neutral, although, Miami teams are usually popular too because everyone buys one when they go on holiday. I start asking questions about how they think the team’s doing this season and you get the awkward “Erm, I just bought it because it looked good” reply. Dickhead.

So to combat this stupidity here are some tees I would wear

Firstly, is the Free The Nipple t-shirt which I really want right now and it actually has meaning. I completely support the cause and the provocative design will always catch peoples eye. $34 which works out at £21.


I also found this on Missguided which is very similar and is cute with the winged nipple bars, great if your on a budget but I would rather spend a little more to get the original t-shirt. £12.


Next is Vivienne Westwood’s Politicians are Criminals campaign. Now there are no items out at the moment, however this is the basis of her SS16 collection so we will see more of this come fashion week this September. I LOVE this idea as the British political system is so corrupt and this is so true to her punk roots. Depending on the pricing of this collection I will aim to buy a T-shirt with this logo on.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.46.42

I don’t care that this t-shirt is from the men’s range Disney is for everyone. I don’t even know why this hasn’t been put into unisex but anyway Disney is an instant win. My only concern would be washing this because I can see the black bleeding into the white and no-one want an off white tee. £18 ASOS Men’s.


Supremebeing are another streetwear company tackling the Unisex issue. Most of their designs are available in mens and women’s and I know this is something they plan to work on in the future after doing a collaborative Uni project with them. This zero fox given t-shirt is a quirky digitally drawn design and animals are a main theme of the brand. Again I would just buy the men’s in this as currently they only have the women’s design on a vest. £39.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 22.13.02

I am in love with this Disney princess T-shirt dress and also the BEY reference on the back. I think £50 is a bit steep but I guess that has to cover copyright etc with it being Disney. Its cutesy without being sickly and who doesn’t want to be covered in princesses?


Next up the Lionel Ritchie tee. This is also done in ASOS Curve too, which is nice as you don’t often see the same range available for plus size women. Also this quote will never not be funny. Yours for £22 in smaller sizes and £25 in Curve which seems unfair?



Lastly this tee I was unsure of and I think I’ve only added in because its a subtle hint at a 90s throwback and there are rumours of a Fresh Prince reboot so fingers crossed! I also think the grey is wearable with a lot of outfits so its a win for that. £45 is a lot for one t-shirt however.


Let me know what you think! x


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