Youtubing : My thoughts

Up until about 6 weeks ago if you asked me if I watched YouTube or followed any YouTubers I would have laughed and told you to fuck off. YouTubers are just whiney bitches who are really fake and everything is “SUPER AMAZING OMG!” trying to push products at you that you don’t want.

I really was the most cynical ass about it all.

I have an apology to make.

The change has mainly come around because my boyfriend who has always been into gaming has set up his own channel (got to plug that really haven’t I). Why not film yourself doing something you were going to do anyway right? I have seen the possibilities and I really do understand why people do it, talking to other people with the same interests and building a community.

So again my view of YouTube was people like Zoella, Pointlessblog, thatcher joe etc. etc. now as popular as these people are they just don’t do much for me. I like Zoella because she is very normal but her life is so different from mine I felt so disconnected from YouTubers being from a completely different background, until I came across Syndicate. A normal guy from Manchester. I love that you could come from nothing to having everything, travelling and doing something that you love.

So since then I am subscribed to Pewdiepie, both Syndicate channels, my pale skin blog, Zoella, and Inthefrow.

I’m still so new to the whole experience but if I really think about it I should have got on this so much sooner. I have always used YouTube, I’m the generation that remembers when it was first set up and there were no adverts. I watched Charlie bit my finger, used it for finding music and weird shit like Charlie the unicorn or whatever it was called, I found salad fingers and burnt face man. I never connected that to what YouTube is used for nowadays.

I have slagged so many people off for filming themselves and putting it on the internet, like who would want to watch you? I banded it with people who take 500 million selfies and their Instagram is just full of pictures of themselves. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all darling.

But I couldn’t make a video and put it out there like that. I don’t have anywhere near enough confidence to do that. I really do think it takes a lot of courage to put the first few up and wait for feedback. Our society now thrives on judging other people and picking at their flaws, YouTube comments are the harshest out there, and I know I am not ready for that.

I think its human nature to be curious about other peoples lives, what do they do differently. Humans want to interact with each other, want to compare.

I recently watched Zoella’s video Sometimes It All Gets A Bit Too Much and realized that, that is the dark side of all this. All the free gifts, amazing experiences, travelling wherever, will never cancel out the negativity and jealousy of people who hide behind a keyboard.

The only thing that keeps a lot of people going is all the comments of love and support.

At the end of the day everyone has feelings.


2 thoughts on “Youtubing : My thoughts

  1. I’ve never really known anyone to not like YouTube, but I agree it all can get a bit too fake and everyone copies each other. Originality is best!

    I subscribe to everyone you subscribe to also, Pewdiepie is my favourite out of them all 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a lot of people including myself just didn’t really understand what it was about.
      Yea I like to seek out channels with a bit of originality too!
      well my list is ever growing now but Pewds is hard to beat xx


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