Antonio Banderas In Fashion?

Antonio Banderas is studying at Central St Martins

Yes, that’s right puss in boots is at St Matins…

Yes, Zorro is studying fashion.

What the hell.

In a weird turn of events the 55-year-old actor has decided that a career change is what he wants and has enrolled to study fashion at CSM as well as continuing his acting career.

Now my immediate reactions were quite negative, along the lines of; well he’s stolen the place of a well deserving student and with universities becoming more selective he might have done someone out of their future. This is unfair!

However, after a little more research I have found that he is doing a 4 week course in bespoke tailoring, not a full BA, more like a night class, and one of his aims is to explore men’s fashion and in particular the cape. Sound familiar to you?

He has already started a few designs so the rumours say, but as a fashion student myself I can’t help but feel a little patronised that yet another celebrity has turned their hand to creating clothing.

Now I’m not saying everyone should just be good at one thing and stay in their box doing that job till they die, because that would be horrific. But I do get miffed when there are so many struggling new designers out there who have put their heart, soul and what little finance they have into a venture, and could only dream to get the amount of coverage and press that a celebrity would. The fashion industry is notoriously difficult to break into as a start up company.

If even Z-list TOWIE ‘stars’ have their own clothing line, then what hope have we got for someone with real talent?

With the likes of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and John Galliano all alumni of Central St Martins and the school had just been announced as number one in the world to study fashion (BA) by the BOF, Banderas has chosen well! In a few weeks’ time we may the emerging’s of his creations but for now we will just have to imagine.

The question I want to know is would you buy it?


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