Vintage 70s

I don’t know whether I’ve expressed this enough to you but I am absolutely LOVING the 70s trend for this winter.

The 1970s is not a decade I’ve ever really explored before being born in the 90s n’all and to be honest I have always thought it was really garish and quite awful up until recently. Being afraid of colour doesn’t help either.

The 70s had a defining effect on fashion and I can see a lot of the influences creeping back in but in a more tasteful, refined way to please someone like myself who hasn’t lived through the 70s, and wont have any old clothes to drag out the wardrobe but still wants to get on the bandwagon.

Back to the point I’m trying to make. Being ‘modern’ people we like to consider ourselves the most educated, open minded and forward thinking so with that in mind I would like to say this. What sense does it make buying new clothes to get the ‘vintage’ look when you could just go to a vintage shop? Get the authentic 70s look and do your bit to stop polluting the environment.

Now I’m not a daydreaming hippie I know people need jobs, people need clothes and yes it seems weird that me, wanting to be a part of this industry, is saying don’t buy clothes. BUT, I just think that if we bought something vintage once in a while especially when trends like this come around then that’s one less garment produced that ends up on a garbage tip somewhere.

To help get you inspired I have trawled through eBay’s vintage section so here are my top picks. All items are a size 8-10 purely because thats my dress size and I was doing a personal search.

  1. Women’s VINTAGE 70s orange rust button down pocket pleat mini skirt, Size UK S 10. £22  (18 days left on eBay from day of post)$_57-6$_57-7
  2. VINTAGE true 60s two tone faux suede SHIRT DRESS SIZE 6 8 10 £48 (16 days left on eBay from day of post). I know it says 60s but it fits 70s style so well too! I would style this with a skinny belt to hide the seam on the waist.


$_57-53. Vintage short sleeved dress roll collar orange black abstract print size 10 £24 (10 days left on eBay from day of post).



4. Vintage 1970s Designer Dress Tan Brown Jersey Mag Fortail Paris Size 8-10 Boho £12.99 (29 days left on eBay from day of post)

$_57-2 $_57-3

5. Original VINTAGE 1970’s 70’s White Bohemian Tiered Maxi DRESS! UK 8-10 £24 (14 days left on eBay from day of post).



Of course there are other websites you could use such as Oxfam or other specialist vintage sites. One of the problems I have especially with Oxfam is that the website is so poorly designed I can get a good look at the item I am viewing. I think a little investment into websites to make them more user friendly would encourage more people to try it out and buy vintage. Of course the obvious option is to go to your nearest vintage shop and just have a rummage around. Usually they will style some window looks to help you out and the staff are (usually) super friendly because they enjoy working there!

I hope this has made you reconsider your buying habits, again I myself will buy from the high street because its cheap and affordable but just doing one small thing like picking vintage over fast fashion will help.

Let me know what you think! Xx


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