Quote Challenge Day 1

Just a quick post

I have been nominated for the ‘Quote Challenge’ by Views of Venus, if you read this then please click the link and go and look at the blog I really enjoy reading the posts and I am following every update for this blog.

The ‘Quote challenge’ means that every day for three days I have to post a quote I like. On each post I have to tag three fellow bloggers, who are then also nominated to take part in the challenge. Fairly easy for most but quite a hard one for someone like me who screenshots every bloody quote off insta!


So Day One and the first quote is ‘Follow Your Arrow, Wherever It Points’ its actually a lyric from a Kasey Musgrave’s song for those of you who like country music.

This really sticks with me because everyone is different, just follow your arrow, do what makes you happy. I think everyone knows deep down what is best for them and if you trust your gut instinct you can’t go too wrong!

so for the other three I nominate,

Porcelain Queen


Joyce Ka Yan Lau

and thank you to Views of Venus for nominating me ! x


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