Model Health at Victoria Beckham

This post was inspired by a particularly ignorant article by the one and only Daily Mail. Well what more do you expect from them?

Let’s talk catwalk models.

As you might know it is fashion week in New York at the moment and yet again Victoria Beckham has been criticised, this time for the models used in her show.

In 2010 she declared that she was no longer using unhealthy models in her show but in her SS16 show the mail has slammed for using ‘a slew of painfully skinny models down the runway’.

I think this is particularly inconsiderate as just from looking at someone you can not tell whether they are ‘healthy’ or not. Someone may look super skinny but have a perfectly healthy body type for them, just as the other side, which is more publicised, someone who is larger who is still healthy.

All model agencies have to ensure their models have a healthy BMI to be able to work, your Body Mass Index is the relation of body fat based on your height and weight. Industry regulations are extremely strict as shows are now more than ever scrutinised for the size of the models and nobody wants to be caught out.

Now I am not pro thin models or against bigger body types I just think that everyone should be considered in terms of health because that is what is important.

The other side of this is that models have to be a smaller size (6- 8 UK) because that is the size of the clothing used in the shows. They are all sample sizes, once the clothes go into manufacture for sale they are graded up of down depending on which market they are being sold to (Chinese and Asian sizes are smaller than European). You have to remember these are clothes for next summer so it is only a preview of what to expect from the designer/ fashion house.

The one person I feel sorry for in all of this is Victoria Beckham because I feel as though her designs have been completely over looked. She has been criticised for not being a ‘proper’ designer and using her husband to gain media attention, which yes at first I did think that would be the case but I think she has more than proved herself and her design team to be worth of showing at such prestigious events. She should not have to justify every season that she is worthy of being there.

What’s more, models are not meant to be the stars of the show big or small and I think it is the whole obsession with celebrity culture that we all have now that keeps bringing them to the centre of attention. The models are merely walking mannequins. They give the buyer an indication of how the material sits on a human body and how the fabric falls as the person walks. No offense to any models, no fashion show could be produced without you but I’m sure many models understand the professional environment and that you are there for the purpose of showing off the clothes. Its big business after all and and this is a similar point to what Joelle has said about bloggers at fashion week, which is so much better than this so please go and read!

The show is not about the model; the show is about the collection.

I hope some of you agree with me on this one let me know if you do!


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