Quote Challenge Day 2

Day two of the quote challenge as nominated by Views of Venus 

The ‘Quote challenge’ means that every day for three days I have to post a quote I like. On each post I have to tag three fellow bloggers, who are then also nominated to take part in the challenge

So the second quote is something that I have already posted on here as the feature image of one of my other posts but its something that I am tackling at the moment.

“The world is filled with nice people if you cant find one be one” not a quote that someone of significance has said but something I feel is true.


This post started as a bit of a rant about things I hate, but then I just gave up. It wasn’t flowing naturally and what is the point?

Over the past year I have been trying really hard to be more positive. Nobody wants to be the person that everyone can’t stand to be around because of the constant moaning and negativity and that comes so easily out of my mouth. Normally my first reaction to anything is quite negative and its very hard to over turn.

So I stopped myself from spreading the negativity and turned it into something more beneficial for me. It has helped me so much, whenever I see some stupid pointless celebrity story all over Twitter, some miniscule detail about their life, instead of launching into a quick fire tweet moaning I find something positive to tweet about instead. And that’s what its all about, stopping the negativity before it leaves my fingers.

I guess its something that parents try to teach their children to think before they speak and it’s a lot harder to do than you’d think if you’re not naturally a nice person.

So yea I guess its just a case of being nice to people and holding your tongue.

I nominate

Jadie Spillett 

Creepers & Cashmere

Lauren Selwood

Obviously if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to!


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