Top 5 NYFW Shows review.

I know I’m a little late on this one but since were onto the London leg of fashion week, I thought I would reflect on my favourites from New York just to show you what I’m loving at the moment. None of the pictures are mine I’ve pinched them all off the Vogue website as you can see if you click the links.

Top 5

Marissa Webb

So I hadn’t really heard of Marissa Webb before I saw this show, I vaguely recognise the name so I must have heard it floating around but I couldn’t describe any of the work if you would have asked me. This show is beautiful though! The collection is the perfect mix of soft femininity and powerful structure both in terms of cut and colours. The perfectly tailored suits in powder pink are gorgeous and I could see myself wearing every piece from this collection, especially the khaki and monochrome items. A name I will be sure to remember for next season!

marissa webb nyfw


Again, not a name I am familiar with but that’s the thing I love about fashion week, I am constantly finding new labels I like. The delicate floaty layers and high neck Victoriana style contrast the short hemlines and strong waists to bring a combination of old and new and I just adore this collection from start to finish! Again a feminine colour pallet of whites, pastels, florals and details of lace, shoulder straps and belted waists which give it more edge.

zimmerman nyfw


Obviously this was going to be on my list as the fashion house continues to inspire me every season. I have previously talked about how I think this show is a big step forward in one of my previous posts so if you’re not familiar with the brand have a quick read of that! On to the SS16 show then which features a monochrome colour palette, a heavy influence of lace and satin with cinched waists and the layering of sheers gave it a boudoir feel. I liked that there were both genders displayed, something I have seen them doing more over the past few years. Then onto evening wear which featured feathers and heavy embellishment with the models faces hidden by the jewels so that it becomes even more about the detailing on the garments. A really great show and a collection that is quite timeless.

givenchy nyfw

Rebecca Minkoff

This collection is cute but not spectacular and I think that’s what I like about it, its so wearable and not pretentious like a lot of collections this time of year. Rebecca Minkoff really connects with the customer and what they want and I again would buy all of this collection. And that’s what it’s about, you could make a mad show and have everyone talking about how you put Lego on your head but if no one wants to actually own it then your company doesn’t survive.

Again a monochromatic look and a seventies feel at this show with the maxi dresses and lace up styles of both clothing and footwear something that will translate from autumn winter wear through to the spring.

rebecca minkoff nyfw

Hood by Air

So I’ve always underestimated hood by air as a predominantly street wear brand but this collection has made me sit up and pay attention to them. The collection had a monochromatic outlook with elements of pastel pink, denim and greys but it was the detailing which was the focus for me with straps, ties, zips and splits all keeping the interest. Exposed shoulders seemed to feature a fair bit as did cross over detailing on the chest area, something I really liked. The makeup of this show what important too, all models, male and female had the ‘contour’ look pre-blended, satirising beauty standards, which I found quite funny. I loved the pleated skirts towards the end of the collection and the HBA lace up shoes were a great touch. Overall I was very impressed by this and will look forward to their next collection to see how they develop further.

HBA nyfw

Some that didn’t make the Top 5 list but I still like

Jason Wu


Alexander Wang

Yeezy – I thought the collection was a pretty poor attempt at clothing but the message behind it was great and something fashion week audiences find uncomfortable which is always a good thing. Perhaps performance art is more his thing than fashion?

Proenza Schouler

Public School



Did you like the same shows or have a different opinion? Let me know in the comments below! x


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