Quote challenge Day 3 – Casey Neistat

Ok so I know its been a while since day 2 of this quote challenge and its taken longer than I thought to complete this 3-day challenge. Yes, I know 3 days, its meant to only take 3 days, but due to personal reasons, blogging has had to take a backseat for a little bit.

The ‘Quote challenge’ means that every day for three days I have to post a quote I like. On each post I have to tag three fellow bloggers, who are then also nominated to take part in the challenge.

So back to the quote challenge. Last and final day.

With it being the last day I thought I would end on a high note and to show you my mind-set in life at the moment; a quote from Casey Neistat.


Thats a tattoo not marker pen

For those of you who haven’t heard of Casey and know nothing about his life and work…. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO AND CHECK IT OUT!! Not because he needs the help or anything, his popularity is ever increasing and for good reason but because this guy is THE most positive inspiration and role model for me right now and as I hope you can tell how much he has impacted me.

Basically the gist of it is – GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING. You only have one life so don’t waste the majority of it sitting on your ass procrastinating, watching TV, doing stuff that doesn’t make a positive impact on your life.


This guy didn’t have the best start in life. He didn’t go to the best school (barely went to school in fact) he got a girl pregnant and had a kid at 16. Lived off the state for a bit. Worked shit jobs just to make money to get by.

Not the recipe for a role model right? Wrong.

Casey GRINDS all day every day, he works his ass off because he does something that he loves. And for me this is what I like the most. To see someone fucking enjoying life, doing something that they love and being arguably the best in their field. He still finds time for family (wife and 2 kids) and a day job and fitness so there really is no excuses to why you can’t too.

His life has been transformed by sheer hard work and hard work alone. From living in a trailer park to now going to the Met Gala and being best friends with Karlie Kloss

I probably sound like the biggest fan girl in the world right now but after watching his videos I think “yea, why not me? why couldn’t I do that?”

So basically what I’m trying to say is watch the videos (links below)

Spread the positivity.

Fucking DO MORE.

I nominate

A Little Rosy

Courtney Does Beauty

Luxury Blush

Casey Neistat for Nike – Make It Count

Fat And Lazy

My custom glasses 


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