October 2015 Wishlist

Its October already what the hell!

I have been at uni for 2 weeks already and I have no idea where the time is going, I am trying my hardest to keep posting regularly, please bear with me!

This month its back to winter, everyone is wearing their winter coats, boots and scarves even though its still like 16 degrees at the moment but they know the cold is coming!

So here is my wish-list for October 2015, and to all those generous billionaires out there, please feel free to send me any of these I will be very grateful. No? Worth a try.

wishlist oct 2015

  1. So I know metallic jackets were a summer 2014/15 thing but this SS16 jacket from McQ £1,445, available for pre-order,  really captured my attention as soon as I saw it, who doesn’t want to have a mermaid jacket? I love the iridescent colour but also that it is a tinted blue/green not just the generic metallic gold/silver.
  2. The 70s trend this winter has me really wanting a sheepskin jacket, a vintage one like this one from Etsy £80, they look so super warm but can I find one to fit my budget? Can I fuck. So for now it is just a wish but they are so pretty and I’m jealous of anyone who has one.
  3. Again with the vintage style I am feeling the pinafore with a polo neck top underneath and for £15 from ASOS its a classic style and hopefully will stay around for a while, but for that price its not too bad even if I just wear it for this season.
  4. I was OBSESSED with this Louboutin Scarabee nail polish when it came out and now I really regret not buying it it is sold out everywhere, if anyone knows where I can get it please let me kow!. The only thing I can get to compensate would be this Louboutin noirs lady twist nail colour £36 on Selfridges which is more a darker green colour but the closest I can find this autumn.
  5. Continuing on the beauty theme I really want to try the Illamasqua radiance veil highlighting base £32, I’ve heard really good reviews from a lot of bloggers and YouTubers and being pale I could never get into the whole contour thing so I think highlighting is a better option for me.
  6. Winter scents are something I love, something dark and sexy and again I’ve heard really good reviews for YSL opium £44 for 30ml Boots, I’m trying to move on to a more grown up scent as previously my go to scent was Black XS by Paco Rabanne but that was when I was about 17 and I’m trying to adult now.
  7. I am and have always been a DMs girl, no its not the rebirth of This Is England I’m not one of ‘those’ I have the scars from breaking in 3 pairs to prove it. I have always dreamed of cherry red but they have fell to the back of the pile of thing I want until I saw these Emmeline boots £100. More of a Chelsea style boot as Dr Martens branch out to a wider audience, but I still love the style and the colour so these will be on the Christmas list if your listening Santa.
  8. Basic white underwear is like a necessity in any girl’s wardrobe but mine has seen better days, it happens. The only thing is when you’re a 34DD and size 8 bottom finding a matching set is near on impossible. I like this set from New Look, through ASOS, £14.99 bra £5.99 pants with a long line lace bra because I’m sure people with bigger boobs will understand the heartbreak of seeing all these delicate lace bras coming back in and not being able to wear them.
  9. I love slightly different edgy and different jewellery and I have longed for Sean Leane earrings for years, for those who don’t know he provided a lot of jewellery pieces for Alexander McQueen shows and that is clearly seen through his aesthetic look. One day these quill earrings £200 will be mine.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know! x


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