H&M Beauty Review

I really should be doing uni work right now but its been so long since my last post I thought I’d do a quick one to fill the void and talk about the recent H&M Beauty launch.


I am well aware that I’m weeks behind with this so it’s not really a news related story but just a round up of some products I’ve picked up and my opinions on them.

I was very excited to hear the launch of another budget beauty line as a lot of the best makeup comes with a heavy price tag and I like to see what else is out there. H&M already has a well respected fashion lines, men’s, home, accessories, shoes, children’s…. The list goes on so the addition of beauty is welcomed to complete the brand.

I am unsure of the ethics of the beauty brand but H&M are well known for their eco-conscious collections and have recently joined forces with Humane Society International to campaign for the rights of animals, which would lead me to believe their beauty line is cruelty free (if anyone knows any different let me know!)


The first thing I must say is there is so much choice! A great selection of colours and tones in all ranges particularly lips, nails and eyes! I would love to see more palettes coming out some time soon but the range is beautifully displayed and the packaging fits the brand entirely, simple, clean, does the job but looks professional.

Of the products I picked up the only one I was really intending on buying was the nail polish in science fiction as this is the closest I have come to finding something that compares to Louboutin’s Scarabee, and for a fraction of the price!

I am in love with it! It gives the perfect metallic mermaid nails and the colour changes depending on what light you are in, sometimes I think its greener, others more blue. 2 coats are all you need for a basic colour as it has very high pigmentation, perfect for me who hates reapplying as it always smudges my nail somewhere along the line. Its quick drying and has lasted a week with no chips! I really recommend this product 10/10



I wasn’t intending on buying anything else but the face masks caught my eye because they are in multi coloured pods and look quite sweet, I spend ages reading all of the different ones to see what they do and choosing the perfect flavour, I was very tempted with the cucumber and aloe but I went for the charcoal and pumice to help exfoliate some dry skin I was having at the time. This product works so so well, my skin was fresh, cleansed and feeling so soft when I took it off, considering that I wasn’t expecting much from this product I would again recommend it and I really want to try some of the other ones in the range. 8/10

The kabuki brush and the powder blusher were bought to go together, because I am so pale I don’t feel I need to wear  that much blush as that happens naturally anyway, I wanted something darker just to give some definition. The shade I bought was deep brown and after testing it on my hand to confirm it wasn’t too dark I went and bought it because all the products were so cheap I was having a hard time saying no!

The blush is very pigmented and sits well on my face, I would have to say that I think there is too much pink tone in it for what I was after but its not so horrendous that I don’t wear it, I think its partly my fault for not testing it on my face first. The brush is extremely soft and fluffy, it picks up quite a lot of colour and is the perfect size to slip into most makeup bags. Again would recommend. 7/10 – powder. 9/10 – brush



The precision sponge I didn’t really need but again because it was so cheap I thought I’d give it a try, I’m still unsure whether this is a good product or not as I use a foundation brush to apply my base and I dab my concealer with my fingers. It works well to blend concealer out from the under eye but I do think it retains a bit of product, as I don’t use cream contours I can’t tell you the effectiveness of the sponge for that. I’d say probably 6/10 don’t throw your beauty blender away just yet.


Lastly the lip colour to go stick, now as this states it is not a lip stick its more of a balm style rather than a stain, it aims to give hydration and colour in an easy application style. I use this quite often but the one thing I think needs improving is the formula, it is hydrating but verging on the edge of sticky and that’s not something that anyone wants. The colour pigment is ok, the one I bought is like a plum balm which is great for a dash of colour in autumn, I really like the chubby pencil style the only thing that lets it down is the texture. 7/10

I also picked up a free copy of their beauty magazine to have a flick through for other products, with such a big range its impossible to try them all at once, one thing I wouldn’t try is foundation I spent years wearing the wrong shade because high street stores don’t offer my skin tone or the coverage wasn’t good enough so that is something I would not sacrifice again personally.


A couple of cheeky pictures to give an indication of the finished everyday makeup look I wear, including the products from H&M

If anyone has tried any other products from this range that are good let me know! x


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