I just bought a homeless guy a coffee.

The reason I am posting about this on here and not on Facebook, as most would, is that this is not an act that should need praise, this should be accepted without reward.

What kind of state is this country in where people are afraid of/ shun the homeless? Why are people homeless in Britain in 2015?
It’s about 4 degrees today, but feels even colder with the wind chill.

I’ll admit half the reason I approached him was because he had a Staffordshire bull terrier with him and being a staffy owner myself I could not imagine her out in the cold.

A lady had already stopped and got him a meal deal but a cold drink on a cold day can feel like drinking ice. One hot chocolate for 3.20 isn’t going to break my bank but if it warms him for half an hour it’s done just a little good.
Now this all seems like a “well done me aren’t I great” but the truth is I feel worse now because that is all I could have got him. Are people still going to be approaching him at 9 tonight when the temperature is going to drop to -3 and asking him if he’s ok? What the guy deserves was a hot bath and a comfy bed.

Many people looked at him/ the dog and quickened their pace to avoid his question of “any spare change” another rant could form out of this about the treatment of Staffordshire bull terriers because of the way the media show them but I’ll leave the #dontbullymybreed tag here for you to look at. They are one of the friendliest and most loyal dogs they just have big teeth.
So the point to this rambling is what kind of world do we live in where we actively avoid the most vulnerable in society ?

A lot of people particularly middle aged white women always come up with the reason “I don’t want my money going towards drugs” To this I say so fucking what? Your money goes to drugs every weekend when you get shitfaced and wake up with the mother of all hangovers, or is alcohol not a drug? I’d want to be off my tits too if I had to sleep on the floor in sub zero temperatures.

The people who need your money are the ‘drug addicts’ to help them recover. Addiction is not a crime it is a mental health problem, you can be addicted to food for god sake but we’re not locking up fat people are we? Well if Katie Hopkins ran the world we would.
I am a student, I can barely afford to feed and cloth myself but I gave up 3 pound to help him. Where are the people who earn 60k+? Oh yea they are wearing their designer suits and carrying their Louis Vuitton handbags full of spare change but wouldn’t dream of giving it away.

This issue isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because no one is addressing it. Why do you spend nearly £5 on a coffee but won’t spend £1 on another human?

I really regret one summer I went to Brighton to visit family, during the tube journey across London from Euston to get to Victoria for the connecting train a woman boarded the tube and asked for any spare change. The whole carriage ignored her and didn’t make eye contact, me included. Later on the Brighton train a very rude middle class white woman demanded I helped her with her bags and I did, because I was so shocked by the way she spoke to me. Almost immediately I say there and was like wtf why did I do that? I should have helped the first woman. But I followed the herd like the sheep I am and ignored her. To this day I wish I had the balls to handle it differently.

At one point in my life I felt very close to becoming homeless, no one should have no where to go that is an awful feeling.

There isn’t really a conclusion to this post other than be the change you want to see in this world.


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