The state of this country

I thought I would leave writing this post for a few days, as I find it hard to express my true thoughts when I am angry.

A female MP was shot and stabbed on the streets of Britain a few days ago, resulting in her death.

Jo Cox died at the hands of a terrorist. A man so consumed by hatred of anyone outside his ideals he reacted in the most violent way possible. While the idea that he had struggled with mental health issues is true, it does not excuse him from his actions. I would argue that anyone who can kill another person in such a violent way has some sort mental health problem. No, this man is being sheltered from his actions because of the colour of his skin.

Because he was white and a white man couldn’t be banded in with the same terrorists who have threatened to destroy our little bubble. Because that would mean that the colour of your skin does not matter. And if the colour of your skin does not matter then that means we have been dehumanising millions of refugees for no reason, refusing them shelter from the destruction of war that WE fuel.

Hate and violence do not discriminate like our small minds do. Hate and violence can manifest in anyone stupid enough to believe the media that there is an “us” and a “them”. That “they” are bad and that we must fight against them.

What anyone from outside the UK might not see this event as extreme as what we do, what you fail to understand is that gun crime, although it does happen is VERY rare here.

I have seen articles saying “not in MY Britain, this is not the Britain I know” and that Britain is more accepting than this one individual.

While that may be true in many southern parts of the UK, it most definitely is the Britain I know.

A lot of people pretend that it hasn’t been happening for a long time, that Britain is still the quaint little country from the 1960s with lots of tea and cakes and everything is all cutesy. I don’t know what reality these people live in but here in middle England there is a deep rooted problem of racism.

These parts of the country that people can walk through their everyday lives and never see a non-white person. Believe me these places do exist. I live there.

The hatred lives in small towns and farming communities where people are scared of others based upon skin colour, language and accents.

Where the P word is still commonly used and an acceptable way of describing someone of Asian decent. Here in middle England the 1970s are very much still alive and the values of the 70s are too.

On my journey into the local town I can come across 3 “Leave the EU” signs. Now if that is what you genuinely believe after lengthy research and independent analysis then fair enough. However, this vote has been left to the uneducated general public, with one of the main arguments being our immigration policy. This has ignited this deep rooted racist ignorance within the general public, and now, out of fear of other people and propaganda from the media, they are brainwashed into believing the bullshit they are fed.

This dangerous ignorance to anyone else or any other way of life is the Britain I know. These people are the ones voting for the conservative government who has single handily destroyed MY future. They have created an unequal society where the rich thrive and the poor get poorer. I will never own a house, I am £40K+ in debt from University with the interest rate of the loan INCREASING AFTER it had been taken out, there are few jobs of any kind in the area that I live and the cost of living rising at such an astounding rate, my future looks bleak.

But of course these changes were voted in by those who put themselves before others. That is the Britain I know.

This referendum, whatever side you are on, seems insignificant in comparison now. No matter what happens, Jo Cox lost her life because of this ignorance that has been bred into our society, only this time someone acted upon it.

A woman died because of narrow-mindedness and ignorance fuelled hatred. Yet everything she stood for was the opposite of that.

RIP Jo, I didn’t know you, but your voice for justice and equality in the world will be missed.

Especially since that is what we so desperately need right now.



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