Do you have to be middle class to be a successful blogger?

Ok so I’m going to put this out there, and it is an observation not a criticism but…

Do you have to be middle class to be a successful blogger?


Hear me out.


As a lowly, nothingness blogger I appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into running a blog, however I do wonder how people manage to get their blogs off the ground without a little money behind them in the first place.

Blogging ABOUT something is what keeps people interested and in the days before free press samples are sent out, you have to buy the products yourself. A close friend of mine ended up nearly £2,000 into her overdraft because of excessive spending on clothing and beauty for blogging. Which has lead me to beg the question do you need to be middle class already?


Do you need a steady home life and be living in comfort before you splash out on blogging?

Even days out for lifestyle blogging all add up to the price of owning a blog. There’s domain names that need to be bought in order to be seen as ‘professional’ and be taken seriously. What happens when you can’t afford these things? How do you get by maintaining a blog enough for people to keep reading when just living a ‘normal’ life is taxing on your finances?

Now I love bloggers like Zoella and yes its easy to target her because she’s a big name, but I assume she already would be buying the things she started off writing about anyway. I see a lot of bloggers and Youtubers both men and women who unfortunately it seems, already has the finances to create interesting content for their blogs.


So what’s the point in all this whining from a nothingness person on the internet?


Well I just wonder if were getting a true representation of all the opinions out there if only a select few are able to get their blog off the ground.

Obviously you can’t help where you’re from, it works both ways. I just wonder if there are people who can’t get their voice across or dream of being a full time blogger but aren’t able to make that come true.

Everyone struggles to start with, me included, but its got to be easier for some than others right?


2 thoughts on “Do you have to be middle class to be a successful blogger?

  1. This is so interesting and the more I think about it the more middle class I realise everything is. I’m probably from a similar background to the bloggers you mention (or at least I am now I work in Waitrose lol pomegranate molasses anyone?) and although I don’t spend money on my blog because I don’t really review products, I look at this post applying to presentation, language, general online presence as well. Most bloggers appear with perfect grammar and 800 word reviews so I can imagine it must be so daunting if you’re less educated because you feel like if you can’t word everything as perfectly as them then you’re a lesser blogger/might as well not bother? Which should not be the case, I hate the idea that people might feel like that. And you’re so right, bloggers buy such expensive products and often review all the priciest brands so if you can only afford cheaper makeup you might feel embarrassed. I suddenly feel really sad and want to start a working class blogging revolution.
    The fact that white, middle class, good at flatlays, teen, girl, is the default blogger mode plays to my advantage, but honestly I’d way rather have more diversity. Otherwise, like you say, we only get one perspective.
    Love this n love you xo


  2. Only just seen this!
    yea thats so true on the education side as well, and again its not a criticism but more of an observation, no one can help where they come from but I just wonder whether potentially influential voices might not be heard because of limited access to ‘the blogging world’.
    thank you so much 🙂 loving your work too, you have a regular reader here 🙂 xxx


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