Natural Beauty?

A red lip can pull any outfit together –  or so we’re told. But what happens when you develop an irrational fear of leaving the house without makeup?


Now I’m not a compulsive makeup wearer, in that I don’t put it on as soon as I wake up and I am happy to be in the house with no makeup on and for my boyfriend to see me without it. Its just the paralysing fear of someone else seeing me naked faced.

This includes my boyfriend’s family, close friends and definitely those people you haven’t seen for years who always pop up when your off guard.


I would definitely describe myself as a feminist, and so this irrational fear of someone I know seeing my actual face, has been conditioned to me through society and I am aware of this, but it doesn’t stop me doing it.

I started wearing makeup at the age of 12 and every day at school, through college and Uni, at work, every event, every time I have needed to be ‘me’ my face has been covered by makeup. I have been wearing makeup near enough every day for 10 years.


So why is it that my friends are OK with not wearing makeup around me yet I can’t do the same? I guess it’s the fear of being judged by someone who is close to you.

And definitely by someone who you don’t know what well. I would be horrified if I went out with no makeup on and I saw someone who I went to school with. It’s the competitiveness of wanting to be seen as “doing-well” being healthy, becoming the epitome of the ugly ducking – swan transformation, being happy. If I wore no makeup I might be taken for being ill, being dirty, not trying.


How stupid does that sound.


I know all of this and yet I still carry on.


At the age of 22 I am trying to break this chain. I am opting for lighter coverage foundations, neutral lip colours, less eyeliner, and slowly but surely I am trying to un-learn all the bad about myself.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE makeup. I’m not very good at it but I love experimenting. And its not like I’m ever going to stop wearing it in total because, yeah, it does make you feel good, but I don’t think my relationship with makeup is healthy currently. We shouldn’t be ashamed to leave the house in a natural face, because I don’t think people are as bothered about the way you look as you are.


Here’s some natural beauties to inspire you


All taken from Instagram (#nomakeup)

1 – natalieshirly

2 – mp_poulpy

3 – gedelilla

4 – leticiiacosta

5 – gorgeousfreelancemua87

6 – plejn_dzejn_

7 – andreaeki

8 – thekatherinepowell



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