Back To School

Back to school, the words no one wants to hear in the middle of August. But, it is nearly time if you are going back to school/college/uni in September. So, here’s a list of things to think about before you start back.


  1. Digital.

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One of the most important things to rely on during studying is your tech, phone included. So make sure that everything is running smoothly and if there are any problems, best to sort them out now and buy new, rather than suffer before your work is due.

This time of year (August – September) there are always sales on tech for exactly the reason of back to school so don’t put it off! Don’t forget Apple have special student deals as well as refurbished products.

One new discovery of mine is the Wacom Bamboo Spark, it creates a digital copy of everything you write with it – perfect for storing your study notes on your computer and sending to others should you need to, without having to type everything up again.

 2. Discounts.


A lot of companies try to cash in on students making purchases this time of year and discounts are everywhere if your looking! Don’t forget to cash in on things like Amazon Prime (free to students for 6 months and £39 a year for 3 years after) as this will come in handy for any books etc. still to order throughout the year.

Similarly, UNIDAYS has your back so check your still signed up to get the benefits on anywhere you shop. Trust me when you are no longer a student you wish you still had access to it.

 3. Health.


Get a full MOT health check before you start. Things like eye tests, a trip to the dentist, any little niggles go to the doctors because you sure as hell won’t have time if you’re in the last year of your uni course. Contraception too! Not just condoms (although essential if your planning on sex) but girls make sure you are stocked up on your pill too!

 4. Stationary.


Now an obvious one that most people will include but things like diaries, notepads, pens, highlighters and sticky notes etc. are good to be stocked up on.

  1. Bedding/home ware.


Time to make your bedroom as relaxing as possible so you can de-stress when you need to. I always find it helps to try to keep it as tidy as possible, it helps me think clearer for some reason, and pick up things like scented candles etc. some new bedding might just give it the spruce up it needs or a new throw and pillows. Whatever works for you.


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