New Gym Clothes

I’m on a bit of an exercise kick at the moment, I’ve started doing yoga (only for about 6 weeks now) and I have recently started taking a HIIT class as well.

My main goal is just to tone up a bit and be healthy, as my previous exercise consisted of marathon bingeing Netflix and seeing how many Jaffa cakes I can ram in my mouth and still breathe.

But, in my quest to get fit I have noticed one thing. You can’t keep wearing the same stuff to the gym because people will think you don’t wash, even if you do wash your clothes and just happen to not own much gym wear. This is not a valid reason for people you only see once a week, so I’ve been on the lookout for some basic gym clothes, leggings, bra etc. that will prove my cleanliness to the world.

But how expensive is this stuff?! I’m sorry but I REFUSE to pay £28 for a pair of leggings Nike. I honestly did not think it would cost me this much to exercise. I know it’s a paranoid reason for buying new clothing but still, I need backups just in case.

After scouring the internet for a brief moment at all the high street shops that now sell gym stuff (thanks athleisure trend) I realized that they are only slightly cheaper than going to the main brands directly. So being the cheapskate I am I turn to Sports Direct.

After I have suppressed my morals and not thought about the low wages and bad working conditions of the people who will process my order, I’m actually impressed with the online selection of clothing they have.

I’ve only bought a few things as I don’t want to go mad, after all, I don’t know how long this healthy phase might last, (I could be back to the Jaffa life within a fortnight) but for £18.75 I have a completely new outfit, minus the trainers and water bottle as I’d previously bought them, which is still a tenner cheaper than buying your leggings Nike!

gym stuff


The delivery charges on the other hand, are extortionate. £4.99 for standard or £6.99 next day. Well if I’m having to pay a fiver anyway just to have my items sent to me I may as well pay 7 and have them fast. As you can tell I’m a regular ASOS/Amazon user so I just expect free delivery wherever I go. First word problems.

Here’s a thought though SportsDirect……

Maybe don’t keep sending people that STUPID mug with every order, it is filling my cupboards and instead use the money to pay your workers? Just an idea


Links for items bought

1.USA Pro Base Layer Vent Tights Ladies£32.99 now £8.49

2. Miss Fiori Active Vest Womens – £8.99 now £3.75

3. Lonsdale Crop Top Ladies – £6.50

4. Donald Duck water bottle – £3.99 bought previously from the Disney Store

5. Puma Synthesis Ladies Running Shoe£49.99 now £19.00 (these are not my exact shoe but something very similar)



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