I am a feminist because

I am a feminist because…


I do not hate men, I am just fed up with being treated as a lesser human being because I have a vag! To channel this energy, I thought I’d give you a list of reasons why I strongly identify myself as a feminist.

So this might be a bit of a ranty post for some, but If you don’t like it then just simply don’t read it?


I am a feminist because … I want to feel safe.

I do not want to be followed, I do not want to be leered at. There is a massive difference in being sexually attracted to someone and catcalling. Yes, yes there is.

As my friends in the lesbian community put it, if a woman who is attracted to women can manage to not grope or intimidate another woman then why can’t men?

You will never know the everyday fear of walking past a man you don’t know, or him walking behind you and wondering if this is the day something happens to you.

Catcalling is intimidating full stop. If I actively avoid contact with you then please for the love of god leave me alone, I don’t care if I’ve hurt your entitled feelings, respect other people’s boundaries!

I don’t want to be scared of the dark. I don’t want to have to subconsciously curfew myself because of someone else’s actions. I do not want to limit my life because of a threat that may or may not happen. 

I am a feminist because … I want to be paid the same as a man.

How is it that a LAW, yes a legal document, was passed 40 years ago and is still not in action?! SEXISM that’s how. And while I also believe that you should get paid to do a job because your good at it not just because there is a quota of female workers to fill, the fact that two people doing the same job and the man gets paid more is just unacceptable. This needs to be challenged more, what hope does it give women if they know even if they try their hardest, they will still end up with less than a man when we are the ones (stereotypically) with childcare etc. to also carry out, how is that fair that this should also come out of a woman’s wage when she is earning less anyway? It becomes disheartening and traps many women in a cycle.


I am a feminist because … I believe we are equal.

I strongly believe this. At the end of the day, we are all humans, we are all one species, male, female, trans and anything in-between. At the end of the day, we will all die and you can’t take anything with you. No titles, no money, no possessions only memories. Cliché crap as it sounds it is true. What makes you any better than anyone else? The genitals you were born with? Come on even typing that sounds ridiculous!


I am a feminist because … I want to wear whatever I want with no consequences.

1 in 3 women has experienced sexual assault in the UK, I do not want a decision to come down to the fact that I decided to wear an outfit that makes me feel good. Shame on me for dressing up, shame on me for having my legs out/boobs out/ tight fitting clothing on. NO.


And with only 6% of rape being reported in the UK, I know this is a deciding factor for a woman to consider reporting. Because she might not be believed.

Because she had a low cut top she was asking for it? NO

I am sick of this even being a reason for old white men (stereotypically) to look the other way. Understand that we have feelings and emotions, that just because we look good do not treat us like objects, we are not yours for consumption.


I am a feminist because … I believe women are not a commodity.

Following on from my previous point, I am not here for your entertainment (sings PINK in my head) I have emotions, I have feelings, I have good days and I have bad days. One of the best things I have read was a post by Sara Benincasa called “why am I so fat?” and please everyone, men and women read it, if it doesn’t make you question the ideas that are ingrained into us then there is no hope for you.

So what if you are ‘fat’? This does not make you any less of a person, you HAVE fat, a person can not BE fat. Women should not have to conform to standards before they are allowed a voice.


I am a feminist because … I believe women have value.

Dear humans, do you realize how even more amazing we would become if you’d just let women be educated. With 17% of the world’s population illiterate, 2 thirds of them are women. The joke that women are dumb is very much real, but only because you won’t allow us to be smart.

What if the cure to AIDS/cancer/ any other horrific disease or illness is in the mind of a little girl who lives in sub-Saharan Africa?

Can you not see that we can only gain from educating everyone?? There is no risk, just think of the potential.

And then I think of the girls that were trying to get an education, the girls who were horrifically stolen from us by Boko Haram and the world just didn’t give a shit. Women matter.


I am a feminist because … I believe gender roles are harmful.

From birth we are conditioned to be one thing or another, we are boxed, categorized into who we will become. Girls are mentally conditioned from birth that they are less than boys. The array of gendered toys shows this, housework and babies for women and doctors, electricians, and firemen for boys.

Men can be feminine and women can be masculine and there is nothing wrong with that. This unwritten rule harms everyone, especially trans people who are told they can’t be who they are. Why does it matter?

For girls, this only escalates as thy grow. Makeup as toys, why? Why teach girls to hide their face? Bras for 9-year-olds and some even with padding, just to make them self-conscious before they have even hit puberty.

Everyone has emotions, but the coverage of the Olympic swim team would make you think that men have to be made of stone. So two men hugged? They get called gay like it’s a bad thing? Are we 12? I don’t care if they are gay they are amazing athletes why does expressing happiness affect your sexual preference?? Just what? So many questions for the small minds who write things like that.



I am a feminist because … I want to be believed if something bad happens to me

Women are always liars and ‘getting confused’ about what happened. You’ve only got to look at footballers and NFL players to understand that a woman’s testimony isn’t enough for him to lose his high profile job and be shamed. Nothing more so than the Ched Evans case. Yes, she was drunk and passed out but does that give anyone the right to assault you? NO. A rapist is still playing football professionally and she is called a liar because she must be after money. I have not been assaulted so I could only imagine how devastating it must be but to then press charges and it be against someone semi-famous? That must take a lot of courage. For a woman to tell people she was raped, to understand how she must feel and what she knows she will go through just to be heard, I can’t believe that many are ‘just making it up’.

The Amber Heard case is again another example of this. Now I obviously do not know them personally and I do very much like Johnny Depp, or did should I say. Just because someone is famous does not mean they are some otherly being. Famous people do bad things. Just because you are a fan does not mean you can defend someone who has been caught on video being an aggressive drunk and throwing a wine glass at their partner. With several witnesses saying the same statement as Amber why do we assume she’s just doing it for money?? She gives the money to a women’s refuge charity because she has to PROVE herself and yet she’s just doing it for attention and publicity? Can you hear yourselves?



There are so so so many more reasons and I’m sure if you follow me on twitter you’ll see that my feed is full of me moaning about this BUT if I don’t moan and you don’t moan then nothing will ever be changed and I can kiss goodbye to my dreams of having a career because I must get back to the kitchen.




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