NYFW SS17 favourites

I always find it quite hard to stay up to date with fashion week as it is happening and this year is no different. While I enjoy seeing photos of the shows as they happen via Instagram or even watching the streams on Periscope, I always want to do a round-up of my favourites from each city and never quite make it to the end! I know it’s laziness but I feel flooded with all these shows and the speed at which it all happens I get a bit overwhelmed with how much there is to sift through, I can see why magazines need teams of people to sort this stuff out!

Anyway here is my attempt and since I’ve started I’m going to have to try to finish it this year! So here’s my round up of my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week SS17




I have only taken notice of Zimmerman for the past maybe 2 seasons, but my liking for them is growing. Spring/Summer 17 saw ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles for many of the looks. Admittedly I used to hate ruffles as a child (they were big at one point in the 90s) but they have grown on me the more I look at the many different approaches taken this season, both catwalk and high street. If you don’t like ruffles, I’m sorry but you better get used to them because they will be EVERYWHERE pretty soon.

Each look that I have picked shows a different detail or cut or colour that I particularly liked. The buttons on the trouser side seams in look 2, the grid print suit and the ruffle detailing on the sleeves in the last look are some of my favourites.

I like the feminine colour palette and the romantic nature of the garments, yet I think they are also very wearable (minus the last look which is more bridal) and could be worn with more casual items.






This for me was the most wearable collection of all my picks and usually, I am more drawn to the weird and wonderful, but I really felt like I could wear all of these items straight from the runway. I am loving the D-ring ties on the trousers, the forest green suit – watch this colour the further into autumn we go- and also the pop of yellow which again, judging from the shows I’ve seen will be making an appearance in next summer’s wardrobe.

Alexander Wang



I had a love/hate relationship with this show, and yet it still ended up making the post. the pictures I have used are only my favourites as there is a whole other side to this show that I really wasn’t keen on, consisting of neon bright colours and lace edging. I don’t know maybe I’m not ready for that look quite yet, or maybe like my instincts tell me, it was just hideous. I like the alexander wang style which is usually quite clean and simplistic, however, the only other downside to this show, and it is a minor issue, is that I feel it is very similar to last summer’s show, which saw similar shapes. Overall though, of the pieces I liked, and I quite often find that I don’t enjoy all the looks in a show, this has a thumbs up from me. it was on trend, and there are some lovely pieces which I’m sure everyone will be trying to get their hands on when they are released – cotton pinstripe asymmetric dress anyone?

Self Portrait 



This brand has such a strong identity that as soon as I see a dress I can almost guess that it is a Self Portrait dress. that being said, however, the looks I have picked are mainly separates. Notice the button detail on the trouser side seams – similar to Zimmerman, possible trend?

I particularly like the patent trousers but I feel like I want them now (AW16) not in summer. Again similar themes run throughout the shows, the lace detailing, previously seen in Alexander Wang, and I love that each garment has a twist to it. It’s not just a khaki military skirt, it’s a khaki military skirt with ring detailing, simple but effective enough to catch my eye.

Thom Browne



Of all the shows at NYFW I feel like Thom Browne is a silent creeper. This is in purely because it made me smile. sometimes fashion is so serious and business lead, trying to set the latest trends and make money that we forget it is also a visual art form. Not at Thom Browne. This quirky retro feel and pastel shades lightened the mood for me as I was aimlessly scrolling through show pictures. I like the cartoon-like black edging to the garments but also the whole styling look, I’m not even overly keen on the clothing but I am very drawn to this as a whole.




Rodarte is my childhood emo phase, all grown up (in the best possible way). the Victoriana, the lace, the monochrome colour palette just uh love it! I’m not going to say much more on this one just let the pictures do the talking




Last but not least is Coach, who usually I skim over and forget all about within a matter of minutes because they are never the most memorable of collections to me. However, this grown-up grunge is gorgeous and I genuinely love all pieces from this show. The leather jackets are amazing but I also love the subtle floral prints in the sheer fabric and the shoes.


All pictures were taken from Vogue (sorry not sorry) and as a side note I have noticed more WOC in the NY shows so fingers crossed this continues across the other cities!

Do you agree/ disagree with my choices? What were your favourites? Let me know! x


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