What they don’t tell you about finishing uni

What they don’t tell you about finishing uni is after the amazing high of finally finishing your dissertation, getting your results and graduating… is the absolute nothing that follows.

And right now I am drowning in nothing.

At first, its great to finally have time to sleep and eat and literally do nothing, it was pure bliss for about the first month, I felt like I was on holiday!

But then after that, all the days start merging into one and suddenly your living the same day over and over.

Every time you see family or have a phone call you get the “so what are your plans now you’ve finished?” like they weren’t asking you that for the last 6 months of your course anyway.

Why do people expect you to jump straight into a job the minute you finish uni?

So day after day you email and fill in applications, you ask about internships and grad schemes, you network with the small number of valuable people you know, you spend hours scrolling through job sites and listings, even using twitter turns into a job hunt. You spend so much time doing this that you think you have applied for every job going in your chosen field, and there are only so many jobs you can apply for each day, you scroll through that much you have email alerts set up in anticipation of something new and obviously you can’t apply for the same job twice, so in the time you are not job hunting you need to relax because it stresses you out so much.

So what to do?

You’ve watched everything that interests you on Netflix and YouTube, you’ve bought a new book but you need to stop spending so much as you don’t have a job yet.

And then there is everyone around you who is either oblivious to the fact that you need a job after graduating and are living one big extended summer holiday; going to every festival under the sun, onto another holiday abroad and spending every weekend drinking. You wonder how they aren’t experiencing the panic vortex you seem to be stuck in.

Then there’s the over-achievers and the people who were hopeless in uni but somehow have landed their dream job and are traveling with this new job or actually earning good money – enough to start paying back their student loan.

How not to feel jealous of either of these people is beyond me, but I am trying because if I get sucked into the green-eyed monster then I lose track of my own journey and any motivation I had.

So that’s where I’m at.


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